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The New York Times

CSD makes New York Times list of Global VET resources
CSD’s website has made a select list of global resources on vocational training, by one of the world’s most prestigious newspapers, The New York Times. Read full article.

Photo of young people talking

Practical Matters: What young people think about vocational education in England, South Africa & the Netherlands
We conducted a qualitative research project in England, South Africa and the Netherlands to explore young people's perceptions of the education choices available to them. Find out more.

Harnessing innovation to improve teaching and learning

Harnessing innovation to improve teaching and learning
Practitioners are constantly told to be innovative, but do they work in an environment that actually allows innovation to thrive? Yvonne Hillier, Professor of Education at the University of Brighton, tells us what she has discovered in this area. Read her article

Education and training: Are we really measuring what matters?
In the quest to measure the quality of education and training, CSD's Heidi Agbenyo examines whether we are 'asking the right questions?' Read her article.

Tourism skills in India

Local Hospitality: Developing local employment in India’s tourism sector
Our latest project focuses on understanding ways of improving the impact of tourism growth on local employment by looking at community targeted approaches to training and recruitment. The research took place in partnership with our Indian research partner EQUATIONS, at three organisations across two states in the South of India; Kerala and Karnataka. View project

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Roots to success: a practical guide to support volunteer-training in food growing groups
This is the latest publication from the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development. The online toolkit is designed to help build the capacity for training in volunteer food growing projectsView toolkit

Case study

Cultivate London

Cultivate London is an innovative urban farm based  London, UK. The project works to support local people and communities to transform their lives.

Roots to success: a practical guide to support volunteer-training in food growing groups 

We, in partnership with Organiclea have produced a toolkit that can be used to help provide a foundation if you or your organisation are in the beginnings of putting together a volunteer training programme, or as a benchmarking and improvement tool for those who already have an existing programme in place. View toolkit.

Work Experience - Benefits and ImpactWork Experience: Benefits and Impact

Our March briefing note explores the benefits and impact of work experience during and after compulsory education.
View briefing note

How to teach vocational education: A theory of vocational pedagogy

In this project we take a fresh look at the outcomes of vocational education and build the case for a vocational pedagogy. Also, we provide a theoretical framework which addresses the specific types of knowledge, skills and attributes required in vocational contexts. 
View project.