Personal Experience - Business Administration Apprenticeship (Level 3)

Personal experience

I am currently undertaking a NVQ in Business Administration, Level 3 with CSD. I decided to start an apprenticeship after an unsuccessful first semester at university which made me question why I was there and if it would actually benefit me. After further research on my course I realised it was not necessarily something that employers would perceive as valuable and that I would be wasting three years of my life. After deciding to leave university I realised I needed to find an alternative route to a successful career. This is when I discovered apprenticeships as a possible alternative.

I started to look at vacancies on the National Apprenticeship Survey website; it was here that I found a training provider called Redwood Skills. This provider offers apprenticeships and advanced apprenticeships in Business and Administration, Customer service, Engineering and many other courses. After applying I was invited to an information session to learn more about Redwood Skills. Once I had successfully signed up I was sent correspondence about new apprenticeship opportunities.  Although I was eventually successful, I found the whole experience of looking for alternative options daunting as there was not much assistance available on making the decision to leave university.

After an interview at CSD I secured an Advanced Apprenticeship. I have now been here for almost 10 months.  I have learnt so much and been involved in different work activities ranging from involvement in projects, supporting important events, publications, preparing presentations and writing team minutes. The involvement in the team has made me realise exactly what I excel in and what I could be stronger in. A strong example of this is realising how important it is to have a healthy work/study balance. Keeping an even keel between these two demands proved to be challenging at times.  I have an assessor provided by Redwood Skills to ensure I finish my Advanced Apprenticeship. I also have a line manager who helps me to manage my work. From being in an academic environment to suddenly being in a work environment and working 30 hours a week (9am-4pm) was overwhelming at first but became easier to handle as the weeks went by. This experience has made me realise how much more I prefer work based training to being in education. This is because of the long-term benefits that it holds such as gaining experience in working in a professional environment for so long, becoming more employable and constantly developing my knowledge and skills that can be utilised in other environments.

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Summary facts

Name of apprentice

Antonia Sheppard



Apprenticeship title

Business Administration Level 3


City of London

Name of Training Provider

Redwood Skills

Organisation offering the apprenticeship

City and Guilds Centre for Skills Development


12 months





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